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NEW GAME! LittleWing 11th pinball MAD Daedalus

The scene is set in ancient Knossos, where Minoan civilization flourished. It was not just an ancient city, however. There was also a mysterious prehistoric site, half buried inside a hill, containing the wreckage of a huge spaceship.

MAD Daedalus is a tactical multiball machine featuring a unique visual display. You will experience thrills and exhilaration in this exotic labyrinthine world.

The key to high scores is to utilize two multiball features. Just collecting them is not hard, but racking up a high score in multiball is no piece of cake. You need to utilize your flipper techniques to the max in order to take full advantage of the machine's explosive scoring capability.

MAD Daedalus is a sequel to Loony Labyrinth, released in 1994.