Game design, programming ... Yoshikatsu Fujita (LittleWing)
Art and sound direction, artwork ... Reiko F. Nojima (LittleWing)
BGM and sound effects ... Ryuichi Sato
Voice of King Minos & Daedalus ... Nick Slie
Voice of Ariadne ... Renee Rednour
Proof reading ... Andy Fielding
Special thanks to: ... Pinball Wizard Kazuyuki Dei
  ... King of Inferno Mitchell Gaudet
  ... Emma
Mad Daedalus tunes: Speak Greek(remix)
  Bump Bumper Bandit(remix)
  Labyrinth in Flight
  Garactic Rendezvous(multiball)
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In memory of Mio Kumamoto  
Mad Daedalus is a treadmark of LittleWing Co. Ltd.
Mad Daedalus (C) 2010 LittleWing Co. Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
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