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LittleWing Blog

LittleWing Pinball Blog

LittleWing staffs' blog.

Game websites & blogs

Inside Mac Games (Review)

Monster Fair review:

PC Pinball Maniacs - PC Pinball Sims: Review, Tips, Strategy and more (Blog)

The author is the Monster Fair World HighScore Contest Champion. See his playing tips.

Arcade Pinball websites

Stern Pinball, Inc. (English)

Pinball Expo (English)

TPO (Tokyo Pinball Organization, in English/Japanese)

Internet Pinball Database (English)

Computer Pinball websites

Tower of PIN (English / French / German)

Many pinball reviews (including Littlewing games):

History of Mac pinball games:

PinGame Journal

Martins Pinball Simulation (By Martin Matis)

Pinball World (by Richard Dadd, in Spanish)

Eric Trocme home page (by Eric & Laurence Trocme, in French/English)

Macintosh websites


Monster Fair review:

Macworld magazine

Monster Fair review:

Jinni Zeala "Game Hall of Fame" award:

MacCentral (Macworld's news service)

Monster Fair review:

MacRadio (Interview)

LittleWing in terview on "Gamesome Mac" program: