Loony Labyrinth
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Loony Labyrinth has two play modes: Modern Times, and 2000 BC. To travel to 2000 BC, you must activate the time machine by completing its feature.

You begin the game in Modern Times. As you progess through the time-stream to 2000 BC, you become the brave Prince Theseus. The key to your time travel is the Loony Machine which archealogist Sir Evangel discovered near the Knossos Palace of Crete.

In Modern Times, you'll enjoy three kinds of multiball play: Loony Multi, Labyrinth Multi, and Minotaur Multi. These multiball modes will help you explore the Labyrinth. Then, as you travel back in time, the game's music changes to indicate the approach of your final challenge: Battling the Minotaur, and rescuing its nine young victims.

-Loony Labyrinth is rich in sound effects. They will remind you of classic TV game shows and science fiction movies of the 1950s. There's even an "antique" bumper sound from a real vintage pinball machine. Loony Labyrinth's voices tell you about your game's status so you don't have to look up at the score indicators.

Another of Loony Labyrinth's audio features is its two background music tracks. The game starts with "Bump Bumper Bandit," a modern theme. As you travel back to ancient times, the theme changes to "Speak Greek"---the way pinball music might have sounded in 2000 BC!

Loony Labyrinth's brightly-colored rams contrast with its overall antique-style design. We call this the "Neo-Classic" look.

Beginners will enjoy Loony Labyrinth's logical layout, basic rules, and easy-to-launch multiball. Does that mean it's too simple for experts, though? Not at all! The _real_ game starts when multiball starts. You'll find how difficult it is to control three balls---and how fun it is when you can do it.
Loony Labyrinth's multiball modes and Rescue-the-Ball feature have the biggest effects on your score. To get the most out of them, you'll have to learn advanced pinball-handling techniques. There's no better way to learn than playing!

Reviews and Awards

Golden Triad Award -- Computer Game Review
Without a doubt, the best reality-based pinball game available to date.
92 out of 100 -- Intelligent Gamer Online
Like all really great games... a high just-one-more-try factor.
Rate 4.5 out of 5 -- Mac User
BMUG Choice -- BMUG Award

-In 1893, while visiting a London antique shup, the archeologist Sir Evangel, found a strange carved stone called "Galopetra" (in Greek, galo=milk; petra=stone). On its face was a strange hieroglyph and the symbol of a maze. On the reverse was a picture of the Minotaur---a creature with a human body and a bull's head.

He was so fascinated with the mysterious stone, he traveled to the Cretian island where the stone was found. There he found and excavated a huge stone maze, the legendary Labyrinth of Knossos. Deep inside the Labyrinth, he discovered a secret that no one could imagine: A hidden mechanism which enabled a journey to the distant past.

In 2000 BC, the Minos civilization was at its peak, with technology far beyond ours. The Minos people traveled through time and space with their time machines. Then, seeking to make powerful weapons, they began experimenting with bio-technology, and created a fearful monster called the Minotaur.

The bio-weapon Minotaur was furious and uncontrollable, King Minos of Crete ordered Daedalus to build a huge labyrinth on Knossos Hill. There the Minotaur would be contained. To keep it appeased, each year nine young people were sacrificed to it.

When Sir Evangel found the hidden time-travel mechanism, he named it the Loony Machine. He studied it and tried to operate it, but never succeeded. The machine had waited for thousands of years for Theseus, the warrior destined to defeat the Minotaur. When Theseus appeared, the Loony Machine would recognize him and take him back to 2000 BC to save the Minos people.

You now see before you the Galopetra Stone, and a note from Sir Evangel about the Loony Machine.

"Explore the Labyrinth and find the other five Galopetra Stones. Install them in the Loony Machine's pedestal. Then, if you are indeed the destined warrior Theseus, the Machine will take you to Minos, an incredible world of thousands of years ago. Your mission there will be to defeat the Minotaur and save the nine young people from sacrifice. If you are successful, Ariadne will show you how to return to the present."



  • PowerPC G3 or later
  • MacOS X 10.1 or later
  • 100MB hard disk space
  • 800x600 video resolution or higher; 32,000 or more colors


Download and Setup


  • Download "loony_labyrinth_301a.dmg".
  • Double click "loony_labyrinth_301a.dmg" creates "Loony Labyrinth Pinball" drive in your desk top.
  • Double click "Loony Labyrinth Pinball" drive.
  • Copy the "Loony Labyrinth" folder to the Applications folder to install game.
  • Double click "Loony Labyrinth 3.0.1" in the "Loony Labyrinth" folder to start game.
  • A dialog box appears. Click "Play Demo" to launch a demo which has time-limit.


  • Download LOONY_LABYRINTH_261.exe and double click to launch the installer.
  • On your Start Menu, point to the LOONY LABYRINTH folder, then click LOONY LABYRINTH.
  • A dialog box appears. Click "Play Demo" to launch a demo which has time-limit.
Unlock the program with Key-Code

LOONY LABYRINTH operates as a demo version until you enter your personal Key-Code. When you purchase your license at our Web Store, you receive your personal Key-Code from LittleWing by Email. Your Key-Code unlocks the demo and it becomes the full version.

Launch a game and click "Enter Key-Code" in the dialog box to enter your Key-Code and Email address which was used for the purchase. Then click "Register" to unlock the game.

Note: Registration depends on the combination of your Key-Code and Email address, so please enter your e-mail address correctly.

After launching, start a new game and shoot a ball with the plunger into the playfield and hit the ball with flippers just like arcade pinball machines. You can also nudge the playfield. Too much nudging causes "Tilt".-

Insert Coin CTRL + I
New game CTRL + N
Pause the game ESC
Resume the game
Plunger Right shift
Left flipper Z
Right flipper /
Nudge left side X
Nudge right side . (period)
Nudge center Space bar
  • Press ESC to show the game menu. To choose a menu item, use the up/down arrow keys to move the selection, then press Return (or Enter).
  • To launch a ball, press Return (or Enter).
  • To operate the flippers, press Z and / (slash) key. To nudge the table, press Spacebar. If you nudge too much, you will TILT. Avoid TILTing by pressing the Nudge keys only briefly.
  • Press ESC to pause the game. To resume, press ESC, select Resume, and press Return (or Enter). You can also start a new game by choosing Reset.
  • Changes from older versions: Loony Labyrinth version 3.0 is upgraded to be compatible with Mac OS X. The following operations have been changed to fit the new style. Mouse operation is not available after launching the program. To display the menu or pausing a game, use ESC key. The input method has been changed in version 3.0. To input your name for a High Score record, use the keyboard instead of the flipper buttons.

For further operation guide and game rules, please download PDF player's Guide.