The Fairy Tower™ Story

Chapter 2 Strange light fell on Toh-no Land

Back then, Earth was a planet of fairies and other magical creatures. After a long history of wars and disasters, the planet's tribes decided to live peacefully, in harmony with each other and with nature. In this way, they were far more advanced than the humans of today.

One day, a strange light fell on Toh-no Land, and the natives found that a giant tower stood on the cliff at the end of town in the next morning. It was shaped strangely, and was made of a pale, stonelike substance they had never seen. A low vibration came from it that made the ground shiver. It gave off heat and lights of many colors ---and a slight smell of burning flesh.

The dwarf chiefs gathered in front of the tower. "What is it?", they wondered. "What is its purpose?" "Is it dangerous?" For three days they discussed it, until they were too exhausted to continue.

Meanwhile, the tower gradually became still, and it stood cooled and silent on the cliff. The natives waited, wondering if they would ever learn its purpose.

The next day, a bright light appeared in the tower's highest chamber---and it created a Golem.

To be continued

"Next morning, the fairies found a giant tower on the cliff"
From Reiko's
sketch book
"The tower created a Golem"