Angel Egg

In Angel Egg, each player is an angel on probation.
To help God create the Earth (GENESIS), players must summon the Archangels by collecting the angels' eggs; and invoke the Spirits of Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind.
Angel Egg is a multiball-oriented game. Its very rules are oriented toward multiball play; a player's score directly reflects his or her multiball skill.

Enjoy the ultimate multiball feature--- GENESIS!

I. GENESIS and the Seven Archangels

In Angel Egg, each player is an angel on probation. To help God create the Earth (GENESIS), players must summon the Archangels by collecting the angels' eggs; and invoke the Spirits of Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind.

II. Who controls Multiball controls Angel Egg

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-Angel Egg is a multiball-oriented game.  Its very rules are oriented toward multiball play; a player's score directly reflects his or her multiball skill. Therefore, starting multiball play in Angel Egg is easy. (There are six ways: Four for invoking Spirits, and two for summoning Archangels.) You can start multiball by meeting a few simple conditions and locking a ball. However, you won't get a high score just by starting multiball. (True, you'll have a chance for a Jackpot, but its value will not be very high.)To reach a high score in Angel Egg, you must keep as many balls in play as you can, while summoning Archangels and Spirits -- though keeping many balls going makes it difficult to attack and defend.

What makes Angel Egg unique is that the higher-scoring features change their value according to the number of the balls on the playfield. Naturally, the ultimate feature -- Genesis -- can not be achieved without good multiball play. Though it is possible to get all the features with only two balls in play, your score will be much, much higher if you do the same while playing multiple balls.

You may know what a challenge it is playing with several balls. Angel Egg will show you that six-ball multiball is very different from mere two- or three-ball multiball. Under these chaotic conditions, you'll need courage, coolness, and a sense of strategy to hit your targets.  The best way is to keep all but one or two balls away from flippers -- by sending them to the bumpers, or by shooting them onto ramps which take them some time to travel. Indeed, these devices that may frustrate you during single-ball play will suddenly seem like your friends.

III. What should you do once multiball begins?

The first thing you should do is summon the Archangels. (While you can summon Archangels in single-ball play, you can't get a Super Jackpot after summoning them; that's when the features score the lowest.) Summoning Archangels not only leads to Genesis, but awards various benefits.
Note: Choose carefully which Archangels you summon!

IV. Nudging brings you evangel

It's important to use left and right side nudging to get a high score in Angel Egg. This is necessary to control balls falling from the upper floor, as well as reviving kickbacks, and summoning the Spirit of Water. As in all pinballs, the flippers are essential, as is the combination of sling shots with nudging.

V. Genesis cannot be achieved in one day

Even after you've summoned the Seven Archangels, it'll take all your concentration, daring, and skill to reach Genesis. You may find words like "strategic" or "precise judgment" in Angel Egg's manual -- but just as often, when there's no time to think, you'll need pure instinct and reflexes. The right balance of enthusiasm and cool judgment will enable you to reach Genesis. But even reaching Genesis doesn't guarantee a high score. What is the key to that? Indeed, what is the secret of climbing the last step of the stairway?...
Angel Egg has a lot of unique features.

VI. About Angels

Many angels appear in Angel Egg. The Seven Archangels play an important part in the game. It is said there is a celestial hierarchy consisting of the Nine Choirs, which can be classified into three distinct groups:

The Highest Triad
1. Seraphim 2. Cherubim 3. Thrones

The Middle Triad
4. Dominations 5. Virtues 6. Powers

The Lowest Triad
7. Principalities 8. Archangels 9. Angels

Seraphims and Cherubims are often painted as mysterious winged faces without bodies.
The Archangels whom you summon in Angel Egg are the most famous angels. Because they have been close to people, they appear in many books and legends, including the Bible. You can enjoy Angel Egg more by understanding their characters.

Michael means "who is as God". He is an angel of "The Last Judgment". He is the "Weigher of souls" who decides where people are sent for eternity: to Heaven, or to Hell. He is often described in wondrous form with armor and swords, and is known as a dragon-slayer. He defeated Satan, the fallen angel, by the order of God.
Gabriel means "power" or "hero". Gabriel is the governor of Eden and the ruler of Cherubim. Gabriel is often described as a female angel with a lily in her hand. The lore of the Annunciation is well-known. Gabriel is the angel of resurrection, mercy, revelation, and death.
Raphael, the "shining one who heals", is often shown holding a bottle of medicine. He is the guardian of the Tree of Life in Eden, and the angel of the Sun.
Uriel means "the fire of God" or "the face of God". He is seen holding a fiery sword at the gate of Eden. He watches over thunder and terror.
Sariel means "God's command". He is responsible for the fates of angels who disobey God's commands.
Raguel is the angel of the Earth. He watches over the angels' good conduct.
Akrasiel means " the secret of God" and "Angel of Mysteries". He is the author of The Book Of The Angel Akrasiel, wherein all celestial and earthly knowledge was set down. It is said that Akrasiel gave the book to Adam; and that it was later given to Noah, who consulted it while building the Ark.



  • PowerPC G3 or later
  • MacOS X 10.1 or later
  • 100MB hard disk space
  • 800x600 video resolution or higher; 32,000 or more colors


Download and Setup


  • DownloadANGEL_EGG_301.dmg.gz and double click on the icon to expand the compressed file to ANGEL_EGG_301.dmg.
  • Double click ANGEL_EGG_301.dmg creates ANGEL EGG Pinball drive in your desktop.
  • Double-click the ANGEL EGG icon in the drive.
  • A dialog box appears. Click "Play Demo" to launch a demo which has time-limit.


  • Download ANGEL_EGG_261.exe and double click to launch the installer.
  • On your Start Menu, point to the ANGEL EGG folder, then click ANGEL EGG.
  • A dialog box appears. Click "Play Demo" to launch a demo which has time-limit.
Unlock the program with Key-Code

ANGEL EGG operates as a demo version until you enter your personal Key-Code. When you purchase your license at our Web Store, you receive your personal Key-Code from LittleWing by Email. Your Key-Code unlocks the demo and it becomes the full version.

Launch a game and click "Enter Key-Code" in the dialog box to enter your Key-Code and Email address which was used for the purchase. Then click "Register" to unlock the game.

Note: Registration depends on the combination of your Key-Code and Email address, so please enter your e-mail address correctly.

After launching, start a new game and shoot a ball with the plunger into the playfield and hit the ball with flippers just like arcade pinball machines. You can also nudge the playfield. Too much nudging causes "Tilt".-
Game Keys
Macintosh Windows
New game Command + N CTRL + N
Pause the game Mouse or ESC ESC
Resume the game Command + R Select menu
Plunger Return Right shift
Left flipper Z Z
Right flipper / /
Nudge left side X X
Nudge right side . (period) . (period)
Nudge center Space bar Space bar


Assign Extra Keys

You can rearrange the key assignment as you like. The original key setting will be also effective after changing key assignment. Dialog box will appear after choosing "Assign Extra Keys" from menu, enter any key to each field.
There is pair of SHIFT, CTRL, ALT for both side of keyboard and these key does not work independentry. For instance, if you assign left SHIFT for left flipper both left and right SHIFT keys will activate left flipper. Please assign your keys carefully.


ANGEL EGG stores four high score records with player names. If you hit a high score, program asks you to input your name after the game is over. Input operation uses the score window. You can choose alphabets with the left flipper button and the right flipper button.

The space bar enters the chosen alphabet character by character. Back space key deletes a character. Pressing mouse button exits the registration mode.

For further operation guide and game rules, please download PDF player's Guide.