About Psychedelic"O" Pinball

Psychedelic"o" was a collaboration of LittleWing and a Japanese rock band called Love Psychedelico. It was developed based on JINNI ZEALA and bundled as a novelty for the first edition of a mini album called "Aha!(All we want)" in 2006. The main BGM is the instrumental version of their single cut "Aha!". In the game jingles are replaced by their 10 big hits such as "Stading Bird" and "Lady Madonna".
Also lots of guitar tunes and narrations which were specially recorded by Naoki and Kumi just for this game. You'll enjoy the jam session with Naoki and Kumi every time you hit the targets.
It was released from JVC Entertainment Company, LTD. Please note it was not released from LittleWing. If you'd like to have this pinball, please refer to page for more info.
Aha!(All We Want) promotion video Aha! All We Want