World Highscore Contest

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Thank you very much for participating in the contest. We are so happy to have over 600 awesome contestants in this contest. Again we have two counter-stop scores as shown in the ranking---which amazed us. But the champion for Monster Fair is Mr. Bob Saito who got -61- Voyages. Congratulations champion, and all award winners!

The special Monster Fair T-shirts shown on the left and certificates were presented to the winners.

Now we are happy to introduce the comments of the award winners as follows. Here we go!

Champion: Mr. Bob Saito
Cupertino, CA USA
Score: 429,496,729,500

I started playing real arcade pinball games in the late 60's. I was a small kid who needed to stand on something to play. Now it's difficult to find pinball machines in arcades and real pinball machines have become a part of history.

However, we have computer pinball games now and, as long as we can play high quality pinball games from Littlewing, pinball will remain alive.

My reason for playing pinball was, originally, to release stress in a short period of time. However, I took several months to archive this high score, playing for a few hours every night after my family went to bed ;-)

Compared with Jinni Zeala, which provides unlimited extra balls, Monster Fair limits extra balls to only 9 or 10, so it requires very precise flipper control. Also there are fewer targets with big bonuses. My biggest breakthrough was finding tactics to complete each show without too much risk.

There are also some targets I should not try in single-ball mode, which require very sensitive nudging to recover. Physical condition was also a big factor, so I avoided playing when I was tired or frustrated.

I thank Mr. Jesus, who accomplished the counter stop on his first try and convinced me to achieve it. I also thank Mr. Kawamura for sharing tactics and offering playing tips. Finally, I really appreciate my PC and UPS for never failing in the middle of play and my family who allowed me to play Monster Fair every night without complaint.

-Bob has got the Championship by 61 Voyages which amazed the developer. We are so impressed by 357 Shows as well. The photo shown on the left is his cherished car(cool!). You can see LittleWing sticker on the hood. Thank you very much!

The Third Prize: Mr. Takashi Kawamura
Score: 12,560,228,000

I have to take my hat off to the two people for the counter-stop scores. Though I tried to be the third prize, I could not keep my concentration to the end. Monster Fair is a kind of a measuring device of my physical condition---as I always make mistakes when I feel out of sorts.

-It is so great Takashi has got the third prize following the championship of Jinni Zeala. Monster Fair playfield was his favorite wall paper for his mobile phone. We are happy to know our artwork works in such way. Thank you very much!


The 200th Prize: Mr. Hajime SAITO
Score: 363,902,700

I played Crystal Caliburn and Jinni Zeala so many times. Though Jinni Zeala is my favorite, Monster fair is the best. Among the characters in the game, I love Franken the Popcorn and the head of Witch Goat best. I still leave the Werewolf Show to chance. Thank you very much.

-Thank you very much for playing LittleWing pinball games. Yes, there are many attractive characters in Monster Fair. It was great fun to create them. By the way, the model of the witch is Reiko's mother. It's a look-alike :)


The 600th Prize: Mr. TRUNK
Score: 22,905,700

Thank you for the Monster Fair T-shirts! Monster Fair is my favorite for its humorous theme, story, and music. And at the same time, it is a game with a fresh new feel.

Getting an award in this contest seemed like a dream of a dream because I'm not good at pinball though I love it. I'm so happy to get the 600th prize! It's worth boasting of.

-We are happy the 600th prize made you happy! And thank you very much for the unique photo. It seems like a photo of a member of Monster Fair... probably he eats lunch from his ear :)